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Robin Hobb was born in California but grew up in Alaska. It was there that she learned to love the forest and the wilderness. She has lived most of her life in the Pacific Northwest and currently resides in Tacoma, Washington. She is the author of five critically acclaimed fantasy series: The Rain show more Wilds Chronicles (Dragon Keeper, Dragon Haven, City of Dragons, Blood of Dragons), The Soldier Son Trilogy, The Tawny Man Trilogy, The Liveship Traders Trilogy, and The Farseer Trilogy. Under the name Megan Lindholm she is the author of The Wizard of the Pigeons, Windsingers, and Cloven Hooves. The Inheritance, a collection of stories, was published under both names. Her short fiction has won the Asimov's Readers' Award and she has been a finalist for both the Nebula and Hugo awards. (Publisher Provided) Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden was born in Berkeley, California on March 5, 1952. She writes under the pseudonyms Megan Lindholm and Robin Hobb. She writes fantasy and science fiction under the name Robin Hobb including the Farseer Trilogy, the Liveship Traders Trilogy, the Tawny Man Trilogy, the Soldier Son Trilogy, the Rain Wilds Chronicles, and the Fitz and the Fool Trilogy. Her title, Assassin's Fate, made The New York Times Best Seller List in 2017. (Bowker Author Biography) show less
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Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden writes as Robin Hobb and as Megan Lindholm.


Works by Robin Hobb

Assassin's Apprentice (1995) 12,628 copies
Royal Assassin (1996) 8,684 copies
Assassin's Quest (1997) 8,228 copies
Ship of Magic (1998) 6,080 copies
Fool's Errand (2001) 5,664 copies
Golden Fool (2002) 5,117 copies
Fool's Fate (2003) 5,005 copies
The Mad Ship (1999) 4,953 copies
Ship of Destiny (2000) 4,695 copies
Shaman's Crossing (2005) 3,414 copies
Dragon Keeper (2009) 3,020 copies
Forest Mage (2006) 2,584 copies
Dragon Haven (2010) 2,177 copies
Renegade's Magic (2007) 1,982 copies
Fool's Assassin (2014) 1,939 copies
City of Dragons (2011) 1,530 copies
Blood of Dragons (2011) 1,340 copies
Fool's Quest (2015) 1,320 copies
Assassin's Fate (2017) 1,135 copies
The Gypsy (1992) 652 copies
Wizard of the Pigeons (1986) 589 copies
Harpy's Flight (1982) 464 copies
The Reindeer People (1988) 417 copies
The Windsingers (1984) 363 copies
Luck of the Wheels (1989) 304 copies
The Limbreth Gate (1983) 294 copies
Wolf's Brother (1988) 291 copies
Royal Assassin, Part 1 (1999) 256 copies
Cloven Hooves (1991) 242 copies
Alien Earth (1992) 239 copies
Royal Assassin, Part 2 (1996) 234 copies
Liveship Traders Trilogy (1999) 134 copies
Homecoming (2005) 119 copies
Words Like Coins (2012) 41 copies
Ship of Magic, Part 2 (2000) 36 copies
La fille de l'assassin (2015) 35 copies
The Mad Ship, Part 2 (2000) 32 copies
The Mad Ship, Part 1 (2000) 32 copies
Ship of Magic, Part 1 (1999) 31 copies
Assassin's Quest, Part 1 (1998) 29 copies
Assassin's Quest, Part 2 (1998) 27 copies
Ship of Destiny, Part 1 (2001) 22 copies
Ship of Destiny, Part 2 (2001) 21 copies
A Touch of Lavender (1989) 12 copies
Otherworks (1900) 10 copies
Er was eens... 2001 (2001) 6 copies
Fool's Fate, Part 1 (2005) 6 copies
Old Paint (2012) 5 copies
Liavek (2018) 4 copies
Blue Boots 4 copies
Fool's Fate, Part 2 (2005) 4 copies
The Triumph (2010) 3 copies
Fools Fate, Part 1 of ? (2007) 2 copies
A Jornada do Assassino (2012) 2 copies
Cut 2 copies
L'apprenti assassin (2014) 1 copy
Neighbors 1 copy
Generations 1 copy
Neighbors 1 copy

Associated Works

Legends II: New Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy (2003) — Contributor — 1,265 copies
Dangerous Women (2013) — Author; Contributor — 1,133 copies
Warriors (2010) — Contributor — 649 copies
Meditations on Middle Earth (2001) — Contributor — 573 copies
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The Year's Best Science Fiction: Seventh Annual Collection (1990) — Contributor — 282 copies
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This was a great end to the trilogy. Things took a very different turn to how I expected things to go from Book 1 onward. Some narratives that seemed very important early on either got forgotten or made irrelevant with new information. But the setting was great and I will always love nautical books. The characters as always were great and the author really tortured the lot of them.

The Kennit and Wintrow storyline has been my favourite throughout the series and the ending of this arc was good if not a bit anti-climactic.
Althea was relegated to a secondary character. This was fine but it kind of undermined the first 2 books which used her story as a driving force for the overall narrative.
Maltas story was probably the most interesting in this last book and her character growth over the course of the trilogy was probably the best.
The introduction of the dragon, although very cool, did take away from the story and the many narratives that were unfolding. All the Bingtown politics that were taking place quickly got deus machina'd into irrelevance. Maybe that was the whole point, that human problems aren't that important when you have a big dragon to deal with, but that does make it a little more boring. I like to see characters solve their own problems and not have a dragon solve it for them.
… (more)
The_James | 65 other reviews | Jun 11, 2024 |
Tom Badgerlock begins this tale as the sole protagonist but Hobb gradually adds in other perspectives to round a fascinating world with a modest cast. Now, this is not Hobb's first series about this character, AKA Fitzchivalry. And the "fool" does not enter the action for a very long time. As this is a trilogy, these 2 characters' relationship plays a larger and larger role as does Tom's abnormally born daughter, Bee. Hobb skillfully weaves a variety of characters and their interacting stories into this narrative as well as antagonists and mysterious visitors. One of Tom's strangest habits (well, strange to me at least) is his habit of writing about his life and then usually burning them before anyone else can read them. However, he does reveal that he is a thoughtful, deep thinker on many issues of life...even when he stumbles badly in many ways. Wonderful writing, inventive plot, great characterization.… (more)
thedenathome | 84 other reviews | Jun 6, 2024 |
This book started off slowly while Robin Hobb built the world in which this trilogy will take place. Once the story got going though, I did not want to put it down. Looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy.
Shauna_Morrison | 286 other reviews | May 31, 2024 |
Assassin's Apprentice isn't doing anything incredibly new, but what it does do it does with such a high level of craft and emotional resonance that it feels new anyways. Be prepared for pain! Born out of wedlock and growing up without parents, Fitz knows from a young age that the odds are stacked against him. Most people see him as a tool at best and an obstacle at worst. He has to fight for every ounce of respect he gets; and no matter how hard he tries, he is always plagued by feelings of loneliness and powerlessness, finding himself unable to protect the people he loves or imagine a happy future for himself. He fails, and his failures have tragic consequences. There are points where it feels like Fitz is totally alone, like he has somehow lost everything that ever made his life good and faces a kind of hopelessness from which he will never escape.

However, perhaps the world is not ultimately a hopeless place. Maybe things can get better. Sickness can be healed; mistakes can be forgiven; relationships can be mended. Fitz's ability to turn away from desolation before it consumes him, to continue through hopelessness, keeps him and the reader afloat. There are moments of joy. Fitz does get stronger and smarter over time; and he does find people that he can see him, at least in part, for who he really is, and care about that version of him. It makes you think--maybe there is hope for the future.

Among all the darker aspects of childhood, one thing the novel does a particularly good job of depicting is the challenges children face in their relationships with authority figures. By virtue of his low status as court, Fitz has few friends his age. The most important relationships in his life are with mentors--adults like his father's groom Burrich, the assassin Chade, and cruel Skillmaster Galen who attempt to organize Fitz's life and cultivate him into the kind of man they want him to be, and use their age, rank, and expertise to justify doing so. Fitz is aware of all the ways that these mentors don't completely understand him as a person, but he can't help wanting to earn their love and affection. He can't stop wanting to become the person they tell him he should be, and trying to see the world in the way that they see it--for good or for ill. They don't just tell him what to do, they change who he is as a person. That's what childhood is to me--the unacknowledged gulf between a child and an adult with authority over them, and the pain of looking across it and seeing how far apart you are. That's what Fitz has to confront as he tries to develop a new understanding of himself, not long to be a child.
… (more)
Sammelsurium | 286 other reviews | May 29, 2024 |



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