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Group reads planning thread

2018 Category Challenge

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Edited: Nov 14, 7:07pm Top

Suggest some group reads for next year!


Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley - January
Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra - February
Young Henry of Navarre, by Heinrich Mann - February/March/April (three-month read)
Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell - March
The Canterbury Tales, by Geoffrey Chaucer - April
Robinson Crusoe, by Daniel Defoe - August
Henry, King of France, by Heinrich Mann - August/September/October (three-month read)
Neal Stephenson author read - October
World War 1 theme read - November (hosted by rabbitprincess)
Kristin Lavransdatter, by Sigrid Undset - Year-long read (hosted by christina_reads)
The Forsyte Saga, by John Galsworthy - Year-long read
Short story collections - Year-long read


An older English classic every other month: for example, Gulliver's Travels, The Pilgrim's Progress, Tom Jones, Clarissa (or others of similar vintage/age/difficulty)
Ulysses S. Grant, by Robert Chernow
Daniel Deronda, by George Eliot
Ulysses, by James Joyce
Mary Stewart's Arthurian novels - The Crystal Cave, etc.

Sep 6, 10:15am Top

>1 rabbitprincess: Thanks so much for setting up the 2018 group! I'm eager to post my new thread, but I'm still trying to figure out what exactly I want to do. :)

In the meantime, would anyone be interested in reading Kristin Lavransdatter next year? I'm imagining it as a year-long group read, since it's quite long, but I'm open to suggestions!

Sep 6, 1:06pm Top

>2 christina_reads: Great suggestion! I've started a list in >1 rabbitprincess:.

Sep 6, 1:16pm Top

>2 christina_reads: I love Kristin Lavransdatter. I would be up for a reread as I purchased this on audio (all 44 hours!!!). I'm a very slow audio book listener, so a year long read would work well for me. If you take each of the three volumes separately, though, I didn't find it felt very long.

Sep 6, 1:56pm Top

Anyone interested in reading Cloud Atlas ?

Sep 7, 12:15pm Top

I'd be up for Kristin Lavransdatter.

Ro (luvamystery65) has mentioned The Forsyte Saga, which I would also be interested in.

Sep 7, 12:25pm Top

I'll be setting up a thread for Forsyte Saga by John Galsworthy, in January. I know a few wanted to join in.

Let me know if you want it to be a three month read or a year long read. It's three books and two novellas, but for our purpose we can "count" the three books, The Man of Property, In Chancery, and To Let.

Sep 7, 12:29pm Top

I also plan on tackling Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra next year. I can set up a thread if there is interest and we can plan a timeline. If it's just one or two of us, we can just make it a shared read and decide on the timeline together. It's one I don't want to rush.


Sep 7, 12:34pm Top

Have "Kristen" in print and audio - VERY interested in group read!

Sep 7, 12:35pm Top

Ditto 😉

Sep 7, 1:37pm Top

List updated.

Given that 2018 will be the 100th anniversary of the WW1 armistice, would there be an interest in a themed read in, say, November, of WW1-related books?

Edited: Sep 7, 2:40pm Top

>11 rabbitprincess: I'd love that.

Thanks for setting up the 2018 group.

Sep 7, 3:53pm Top

I am in for the read of The Forsythe Saga, I like the idea of spreading it out over the year and taking it slowly. I would also be interested in participating in the themed WW I read in November.

Sep 8, 9:49am Top

Whoo Hoo!! I have absolutely NO Idea what I'll be reading in 2018 but my TBR shelf is groaning like an iceberg. I keep waiting for something to fall out like when the ice calves. LOL. So at least I know one category!

Sep 8, 1:31pm Top

I've picked up a copy of Kristin Lavransdatter for the Kindle so I will definitely be joining in to the group read.

Sep 8, 1:39pm Top

Just a tip for people planning on Kristin Lavransdatter - I really recommend getting the Tiina Nunnally translation. There is a much earlier English translation that I found almost unreadable compared to the newer Nunnally translation.

Edited: Sep 8, 2:28pm Top

Frankenstein has its bicentennial on 1 January 2018... just putting that out there.

Sep 8, 2:46pm Top

>18 VictoriaPL: Audible has an excellent audio of Frankenstein narrated by Dan Stevens.

Sep 8, 6:52pm Top

>18 VictoriaPL: That's an excellent idea! I've added it up top.

Sep 8, 9:50pm Top

All the books mentioned so far sound interesting.

Sep 8, 10:57pm Top

Sep 9, 12:49pm Top

>17 japaul22: Whew! I just checked and my copy of Kristin Lavransdatter is translated by Tiina Nunnally.

Sep 9, 1:42pm Top

>19 luvamystery65: I may have to find this Dan Stevens narration :D

Sep 9, 7:52pm Top

I have Kristin Lavransdatter, The Forsyte Saga, and Don Quixote in my TBRs and I might be able to join in group reads of any of them as long as they're not all in the same month!

Sep 9, 8:30pm Top

I'm interested in the Kristin Lavransdatter group read, although my reliability is pretty close to zero when it comes to group reads.

Edited: Sep 10, 8:14pm Top

There are a bunch of older English classics I've never read, that I'd like to read.

Anyone interested in reading Gulliver's Travels, Robinson Crusoe, The Pilgrim's Progress, and The Canterbury Tales? Or others in a similar vein?

Sep 11, 2:59am Top

>27 fuzzi: The Canterbury Tales is on my list. I'd appreciate a push to read it!

Sep 11, 9:06am Top

>27 fuzzi: I haven't ever done one of the group reads, but I'd be interested in The Canterbury Tales.

Sep 11, 12:46pm Top

>28 rabbitprincess: >29 virginiahomeschooler: any other "classics" you want to add? We could do one a month for the year, a "Classics I Did Not Read in School" sort of thing.


Sep 11, 12:48pm Top

>30 fuzzi: That even sounds like a potentially good idea for a CAT!

Sep 11, 1:37pm Top

I'd be interested in reading The Forsyte Saga - mainly because I have all the books and planned to re-read them someday.

Sep 11, 1:53pm Top

>30 fuzzi: I like that idea. I personally might not be able to do more than one or maybe two, depending on the other books chosen, but it is certainly an idea worth pursuing :)

Sep 11, 2:27pm Top

>1 rabbitprincess: Thanks for setting up the group! Most of the books mentioned so far are on my TBR and I would love to make time for them.
>30 fuzzi: That's a great idea. Taken note of for future challenges.

Sep 11, 2:51pm Top

>2 christina_reads: I'd be interested in joining the Kristen Lavransdatter group read.

>7 luvamystery65: I'd read The Forsyte Saga a few years ago and haven't decided if I'll reread it but I will certainly follow the discussion with interest.

>30 fuzzi: >31 christina_reads: A CAT based on reading the classics sounds appealing.

Edited: Sep 15, 12:27pm Top

>25 cbl_tn: Forsyte Saga will likely be a year long read. The first 3 books in the series. Start in January and one every 4 months with novellas in between if they're in your collection.

For Don Quixote I think to start in February and take as long as we need. I'll look online for reading guides and recommendations as to timelines. It's one I personally don't want to rush.

Hope that works for you

Sep 11, 3:01pm Top

>24 rabbitprincess: Hope you find it. He also narrates a few Agatha Christi's.

Woo for all the Forsyte love!

Edited: Sep 11, 4:05pm Top

The proposed group reads sound more and more appealing!

Edited: Sep 11, 5:37pm Top

>7 luvamystery65: >2 christina_reads:
I would love a group read of The Forsythe Saga & Kristen Lavransdatter, both as year long reads. I have the former on Kindle & the latter in hardcopy form. I will be checking for the translation of my K.L.
Yea!! Just checked & my edition is Tiina Nunnally transluation. **whew** I know I would not complete this if it turned out to be a slog.

>30 fuzzi:
And 'a year of classics'; who wouldn't love that? Especially the smaller ones which I have always put off due to the thought: "I can read that one at any time." And so I've not got around to many of those mentioned.

Edited: Sep 11, 6:36pm Top

Edited: Sep 11, 9:08pm Top

>40 fuzzi: I expect that at some point, perhaps after the group reads discussion is well underway, someone will start a thread for the CATs discussion. Group reads generally focus on a single author or work, while CATs have monthly themes or challenges.

In past years, members have proposed ideas for CATs and then we all vote for 3. (We ended up with 4 this past year, as there was a tie for third place, if I recall correctly.) Any idea that doesn't win can always be offered as an "unofficial" KIT if someone volunteers to run it.

So, once the CATs discussion begins, you can propose a CAT for classics and suggest or seek ideas on how it can be structured.

ETA: I just realized that rabbitprincess already explained this process much better than I did on this forum's main page. You might want to refer to her description of the various activities.

Sep 12, 2:53am Top

I can go ahead and start the CATs planning thread. Would that be best? I had held off starting the thread because I don't usually get involved in the discussions that shape the CATs, but I should at least have a post somewhere that lists all of the proposals.

Sep 12, 7:19am Top

>42 rabbitprincess: That sounds good to me!

Sep 12, 12:48pm Top

>41 mathgirl40: thanks for the outline, I'd not seen rabbitprincess' post on the main page, as I just jumped into this thread since I follow CAT as a group. :)

Sep 13, 3:18am Top

Here's the CATs planning thread:


Sep 16, 12:42pm Top

I'd be in for Cloud Atlas--I've been meaning to read it forever, and somehow keep putting it off...

Sep 26, 2:51pm Top

I'd be interested in Cloud Atlas as well, with the caveat that I always want to join group reads, but rarely manage to do so when the time comes.

Sep 26, 3:10pm Top

I'm looking for somewhere to join in a few more group reads - with the proviso that I'm bad at actually participating and read somewhat slowly.

Loved Cloud Atlas so would read that again happily.
I do want to read more classics, so Frankenstein and Don Quixote are both of interest (as long as they are well spaced out).

Oct 16, 6:31pm Top

I'd love to read the new 1,000+ page bio of Ulysses S. Grant by Ron Chernow, the man who wrote Hamilton.

Oct 18, 12:39am Top

I wonder if I should read Henrich Mann's Young Henry of Navarre and Henry, King of France. He's the older brother of Thomas Mann but not as well known.

I'm up for Frankenstein in January.

Oct 19, 9:15pm Top

How would people feel about The Canterbury Tales in April? For some reason it feels April-y.

Oct 20, 1:16am Top

>51 rabbitprincess: it would certainly be apt, what with the first two lines being

When the sweet showers of April have pierced/
The drought of March, and pierced it to the root,/

And yes, April would work for me. I just need to spread my commitments out.

Oct 20, 8:15am Top

Do we have any month preference for that Cloud Atlas read?

Oct 20, 11:03am Top

>53 majkia: I'd just prefer to avoid summer months with it; I have really limited time from late June to mid-August, so I'm barely on LT and barely reading during that time of the year; any other month, I'd definitely participate.

Oct 20, 11:22am Top

I'm excited about the Cloud Atlas read, but I'm flexible as to when, although I tend to do better when the group read is earlier in the year.

Oct 20, 11:57am Top

Oct 20, 12:27pm Top

>51 rabbitprincess: works for me!

Oct 20, 12:34pm Top

>56 majkia:, Perfect for me, too :)

Oct 20, 12:50pm Top

>56 majkia: as long as someone reminds me, I'll join that one too. Looooove that book.

Oct 20, 6:37pm Top

I've modified >1 rabbitprincess: slightly to show "scheduled" group reads as well as suggestions posted in the thread. Once we have a month or time frame chosen for a specific book, I'll update the list and the main group page accordingly.

Oct 21, 4:20pm Top

>50 avatiakh: These are on my TBR as well, and I'd love a prod to tackle them, but they are huge. 740 and 980 pages in my German edition, that might take more than a month.

Oct 21, 8:27pm Top

>61 MissWatson: You could maybe make them a two-month or longer read! :)

Oct 22, 1:37am Top

>61 MissWatson: I'd be looking at 2x 3 month slow reads with maybe a couple of months break before tackling the second one, just that they're sitting on a shelf for a long while and I also need the prod. I got book 2 in a used bookshop a few years back and then realised that I'd need to read book 1 first. If we do do a shared read, we'd have them done by the end of next year.

Oct 22, 4:13am Top

>63 avatiakh: This sounds like a good plan. When would you like to start?

Oct 22, 7:29am Top

Lets say March/Apr/May & Aug/Sep/Oct. I'm not too fussed.

Oct 22, 10:00am Top

I agree with Frankenstein in January

For The Forsyte Saga only Judy responded in my question of whether to tackle it in a quarter or spread it out over a year. Any thoughts?

What about those interested in Don Quixote? Is February okay for a start?

Oct 22, 10:04am Top

>66 luvamystery65: Hi Ro! For Forsyte, I'd go for spreading out over the year.

Oct 22, 10:13am Top

>66 luvamystery65: I'd join the Don Quixote and Fenruary should be OK for me. I'd like to spread the classics & chunkies out a bit, so with Canterbury Tales in April, February should be OK for Don Quixote.

Is anyone else interested in a classics read every other month? I have a "would like to read because I'm an ill-read oaf" list of which the next 5 I've not read are Pilgrim's Progress, Robinson Crusoe, Gulliver's Travels, Tom Jones, Clarissa. Is there any interest in any of these? Or any other titles of a similar age/vintage/difficulty?

Oct 22, 11:51am Top

I've updated >1 rabbitprincess: and the main group page with more scheduled reads (and added the suggestions in >68 Helenliz:).

If anyone is thinking of being the host for a specific group read, let me know and I'll put that up top as well. You don't need to decide that right now, but whenever you think of it. I'll host the WW1 thread.

Oct 22, 12:28pm Top

I hope to read The Forsyte Saga spread over the year, but I am not good with group reads and usually find myself out of sync with the planned schedule. In any case, I will enjoy your discussions.

Oct 22, 12:40pm Top

>65 avatiakh: I'll put it in my calendar!

Oct 22, 1:36pm Top

>70 VivienneR: We will do the Forsyte over the year. You can follow any pace you please. This is a loose series so it lends itself to a more informal schedule. It will be nice to discuss with everyone.

Oct 22, 2:26pm Top

>72 luvamystery65: Sounds good. I'm looking forward to the discussion (and reading, of course).

Oct 22, 4:43pm Top

>71 MissWatson: Great. I dare say it will be a shared read rather than a group one by the looks of it.

Oct 22, 5:00pm Top

I'd be happy to host the Kristin Lavransdatter group read, since I was the one who originally suggested it. However, I haven't read it before and basically know nothing about it, so if someone else out there has more expertise, I'd be happy to hand over the reins!

Oct 22, 8:02pm Top

>75 christina_reads: I think all you'd need to do as host is get the discussion going, as you've been doing very ably with the Poldark novels this year :D

Oct 22, 11:16pm Top

Another book I'm keen to tackle next year is George Eliot's Daniel Deronda.

Oct 29, 8:57pm Top

I'd like a propose a Neal Stephenson group read for October. There is already some interest expressed by a few members of the SFFKIT group, but we'd love to have more people join. Even if you're not a science-fiction or fantasy fan, you might consider his works, some of which fall into the "alternate history" genre rather than SFF.

Oct 29, 9:10pm Top

>79 MarthaJeanne: Thanks for adding the link!

Oct 30, 6:18pm Top

>78 mathgirl40: Added up top and to the main group page!

Oct 30, 7:12pm Top

Oct 31, 10:32am Top

>68 Helenliz: I would be interested in Robinson Crusoe or Gulliver's Travels.

Edited: Oct 31, 10:45am Top

>78 mathgirl40: I'll definitely try to join in the Neal Stephenson read.

Oct 31, 11:28am Top

I don't know if what I'm about to say would count as a groupread thought or not, but I'm wondering if folks would be interested in a month's groupread of short story collections, where we could talk about how the stories in a collection worked together or didn't work, and recommend (or not) short story collections? I find that I often enjoy collections when I get around to them, but don't read them all that often, and (at least to me) one-author collections of stories don't necessarily lend themselves so well to the Cats. Would this be something folks would be interested in, or is too broad?

Oct 31, 11:56am Top

>85 whitewavedarling: Me, too. I just downloaded a version from Gutenberg. Have a look at the notes there- the one I took seems to be, if anything, over complete.

Oct 31, 12:03pm Top

>85 whitewavedarling:, >83 Chrischi_HH:, >87 MarthaJeanne: oh good, some company. Any preference as to when? For me, June onwards would be best - I'm trying not to over commit. I start a new job later this month and while one of the reasons for changing is to free up some time from work, you're never sure how it will work in practice...
Any thoughts?

Oct 31, 12:07pm Top

>88 Helenliz:, >83 Chrischi_HH:, >87 MarthaJeanne:, June/July are rough work months for me, so with that note in mind, I'd vote for any time August onwards...

Oct 31, 12:09pm Top

>88 Helenliz: I'm good anytime. At some point next year we'll be traveling, but with it in my iPad, that shouldn't make any difference.

Oct 31, 12:51pm Top

>86 whitewavedarling: if you do set up a group, I'd be interested.

Oct 31, 1:15pm Top

>86 whitewavedarling: I'd be interested in participating in this challenge.

Oct 31, 1:53pm Top

>91 fuzzi: and >92 mathgirl40: and anyone else who might be interested, would May or September work?

>1 rabbitprincess:, I've never suggested one before lol--how does this work? Do we wait for more folks to weight in, or do you think this would garner more than three of us being interested/be worthwhile...?

Oct 31, 2:23pm Top

>86 whitewavedarling: I'm in. I have a category for short stories

Oct 31, 2:30pm Top

>93 whitewavedarling: Either month is fine for me.

Oct 31, 2:31pm Top

>93 whitewavedarling: I usually have a short story category, so I would probably take part. No time concerns.

Oct 31, 6:29pm Top

>93 whitewavedarling: I like short stories and would participate; anytime is fine.

Oct 31, 6:43pm Top

>88 Helenliz: >89 whitewavedarling: >90 MarthaJeanne: I think I'm very flexible next year, so August onwards is fine.

Oct 31, 7:58pm Top

>93 whitewavedarling: No group read is too small! If you know what you want to read and set a month for it, I'll put it up top and on the main group page. Simply putting it in the list may prompt people to think about joining it later on.

Nov 1, 3:43am Top

>86 whitewavedarling: It occurs to me that rather than have a traditional month group read, as we will probably be reading many different books, this might work just as well as a year long read. A dedicated topic where each reader could comment on short story collections as we find and read them. That would probably result in more people taking up books others had recommended than if it is limited to one month.

Edited: Nov 1, 11:45am Top

>100 MarthaJeanne:, That would certainly be fine with me. >99 rabbitprincess:, does that make sense to you? Does anyone else have a preference on year-long or single-month?

Nov 1, 6:21pm Top

>101 whitewavedarling: Perfectly! Whatever works.

Nov 1, 8:41pm Top

>93 whitewavedarling: whatever you want to do will be fine. I'll make it fit.

Nov 2, 10:56am Top

>99 rabbitprincess: and company, Why don't we make it a year-long read then? That will give people time to pick up collections that catch their eye in other folks' reviews and participate, or reserve them at the library, so they can get involved and chat over the same book :) And I know I'll certainly read more than one short story collection for it if it's year-long--hopefully, others will also!

Nov 2, 11:13am Top

>104 whitewavedarling: I think it's a great idea and I can't wait to see what everyone is reading.

Nov 2, 6:02pm Top

>104 whitewavedarling: All righty! I'll do the adding up top and on the main group page.

Nov 2, 6:31pm Top

>104 whitewavedarling: That sounds like a decent idea. I'm not a fan of short stories, but this way I might still join in. :)

Nov 3, 12:55pm Top

>107 Chrischi_HH: I am not a big fan of short story collections, but I can recommend several by Louis L'Amour.

And I'm sure I'll see some recommended that I'll try.

Nov 5, 7:18pm Top

Is anyone interested in a group read of James Joyce's Ulysses?

Nov 5, 8:05pm Top

>110 pamelad: That is probably the only way I will ever read it so count me in if we do have one.

Nov 6, 2:17am Top

I think those interested have commented such that we'll put Robinson Crusoe down for August.
Thanks all.

Nov 6, 6:24pm Top

>112 Helenliz: Added to >1 rabbitprincess: and the main group page.

Nov 7, 3:05pm Top

I'd love to participate in a World War I group read month. World War I is one of my 2018 category challenge categories and I've been stocking up on suggestions for it.

Nov 8, 4:00pm Top

I'd love to participate in The Forsyte Saga and Kristin Lavransdatter read next year . It'll be my first year participating in a group read.

Nov 8, 4:37pm Top

>111 Yells: Will do.

Nov 13, 11:36pm Top

I've already offered a couple of titles here, but on my thread it was suggested that Mary Stewart's Arthurian Saga of 5 books might find some other readers. I'm doing an Arthurian literature category so will be reading a couple of these at least.
The Crystal Cave
The Hollow Hills
The Last Enchantment
The Wicked Day
The Prince and the Pilgrim

Nov 14, 4:08am Top

>117 avatiakh: Oh, my favourite version! I haven't heard of The prince and the pilgrim before, I do need to find this and may join you.

Nov 14, 6:57am Top

>117 avatiakh: I'll try to join you! I don't have the last one but I'm sure I can find it.

Nov 14, 7:12am Top

>117 avatiakh: I've been wanting to read Stewart's Arthurian saga for ages, so I'll definitely join if there's a group read.

Nov 14, 11:54am Top

I'd like to point out to e-book readers that a collection of the first 4 of Stewart's Arthurian books is available at a ridiculously low price. In Canada, it's $7.68 at Kobo. I believe similar deals are available in the US. The 5th book is not included but at Kobo, it costs only another 99 cents.

Nov 14, 11:57am Top

I own them all, but last read them in 2014. We'll see whether or not I'm moved to join you when the time comes.

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