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Sep 14, 2022
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Reet O'C
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My best friend, Bubbles, 18.5 years old, blind, heart and kidney disease. She was my father's companion after my mom died. I brought my father home to be his caretaker in 2014, but he died 7 months later. Bubbles is my beloved friend, my last connection to my papa, and I am her full-time caretaker. We spend many happy hours in our reading group.

About Me

Major bookworm, 160 books read a year. The reviews I write are for me to remember the connections I felt, how it impressed me. It's not to impress anyone, so, at least on Goodreads, I would click "spoiler alert," because I often wrote about the ending. I'm barely learning Library Thing.

I'm vegan, I love to cook from scratch. I'm also on WW, because I love to eat, but I have arthritis, and it hurts my joints if I'm overweight. I bicycle, workout with my favorite YouTube fitness instructor, and spend 6 days a week primarily reading. On the 7th day, I meal prep, clean, garden, and work on projects.

Bay Area, Northern California
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