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Book awards: Bram Stoker Award Nominee

Book awards by cover

Works (936)

Ash Wednesday by Chet WilliamsonNovel, 1987
Live Girls by Ray GartonNovel, 1987
Unassigned Territory by Kem NunnNovel, 1987
The Damnation Game by Clive BarkerFirst Novel, 1987
Excavation by Steve Rasnic TemFirst Novel, 1987
The Harvest Bride by Tony RichardsFirst Novel, 1987
Slob by Rex MillerFirst Novel, 1987
Pamela's Get by David J. SchowNovelette, 1987
Friend's Best Man {story} by Jonathan CarrollShort Story, 1987
This Old Man by Charles L. GrantShort Story, 1987
Traps by Gahan WilsonShort Story, 1987
Midnight Pleasures by Robert BlochCollection, 1987
Scared Stiff by Ramsey CampbellCollection, 1987
Strange Monsters of the Recent Past by Howard WaldropCollection, 1987
Why Not You and I? by Karl Edward WagnerCollection, 1987
Joe Bob goes to the drive-in by Joe Bob BriggsNon-Fiction, 1987
The Zombies That Ate Pittsburgh: The Films of George A. Romero by Paul R. GagneNon-Fiction, 1987
Angry Candy by Harlan EllisonCollection, 1988
Blood and Water and Other Tales by Patrick McGrathCollection, 1988
The Blood Kiss by Dennis EtchisonCollection, 1988
Cities of the Dead by Michael PaineFirst Novel, 1988
Deliver Us From Evil by Allen Lee HarrisFirst Novel, 1988
Demon Night by J. Michael StraczynskiFirst Novel, 1988
Fear Book by John ByrneFirst Novel, 1988
The Function Of Dream Sleep {novelette} by Harlan EllisonLong Fiction, 1988
Jack's Decline by Lucius ShepardShort Fiction, 1988
The Juniper Tree by Peter StraubLong Fiction, 1988
The Music of the Dark Time by Chet WilliamsonShort Fiction, 1988
The Night Flier by Stephen KingSuperior Achievement in Long Fiction, 1988
Nobody Lives There Now by Carol OrlockShort Fiction, 1988
Resurrection Inc. by Kevin J. AndersonFirst Novel, 1988
Scare Tactics by John FarrisCollection, 1988
She's a Young Thing and Cannot Leave Her Mother by Harlan EllisonShort Fiction, 1988
The Skin Trade by George R. R. MartinLong Fiction, 1988
The Toynbee Convector by Ray BradburyCollection, 1988
Black Wind by F. Paul WilsonNovel, 1988
The Drive-In by Joe R. LansdaleNovel, 1988
Flesh by Richard LaymonNovel, 1988
The Queen of the Damned by Anne RiceNovel, 1988
Stinger by Robert R. McCammonNovel, 1988
'Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'n Purdy' He Said by Chet WilliamsonShort Fiction, 1989
American Vampires: Fans, Victims, Practitioners by Norine DresserNon-Fiction, 1989
At First Just Ghostly by Karl Edward WagnerLong Fiction, 1989
Blue World by Robert R. McCammonCollection, 1989
Bodies and Heads by Steve Rasnic TemShort Fiction, 1989
By Bizarre Hands by Joe R. LansdaleCollection, 1989
The Confessions of St. James by Chet WilliamsonLong Fiction, 1989
Each Night, Each Year by Kathryn PtacekShort Fiction, 1989
Geek Love by Katherine DunnNovel, 1989
Goat Dance by Douglas CleggFirst Novel, 1989
H.P. Lovecraft by Peter CannonNon-Fiction, 1989
Horror: A Connoisseur's Guide To Literature and Film by Leonard WolfNon-Fiction, 1989
In A Dark Dream by Charles GrantNovel, 1989
Laying The Music To Rest by Dean Wesley SmithFirst Novel, 1989
Midnight by Dean KoontzNovel, 1989
Patterns by Pat CadiganCollection, 1989
Phantom by Kristine Kathryn RuschLong Fiction, 1989
A Sad Last Love at the Diner of the Damned by Edward BryantShort Fiction, 1989
Soft and others : 16 stories of wonder and dread by F. Paul WilsonCollection, 1989
The Wolf's Hour by Robert R. McCammonNovel, 1989
Back Windows by Steve Rasnic TemShort Fiction, 1990
Bestseller by Michael BlumleinLong Fiction, 1990
Blood of the Children by Alan RodgersFirst Novel, 1990
The Brains of Rats by Michael BlumleinCollection, 1990
But You'll Never Follow Me by Karl Edward WagnerShort Fiction, 1990
Dark Father by Tom PiccirilliFirst Novel, 1990
Entropy's Bed at Midnight by Dan SimmonsLong Fiction, 1990
From the Papers of Helmut Hecher by Chet WilliamsonShort Fiction, 1990
Funland by Richard LaymonNovel, 1990
Hollywood Gothic: The Tangled Web of Dracula from Novel to Stage to Screen by David J. SkalNon-Fiction, 1990
Horror Literature by Neil BarronNon-Fiction, 1990
Houses Without Doors by Peter StraubCollection, 1990
Joe Bob Goes Back To The Drive-In by Joe Bob BriggsNon-Fiction, 1990
The Langoliers by Stephen KingSuperior Achievement in Long Fiction, 1990
The Loneliest Number by Edward BryantShort Fiction, 1990
Nightblood by T. Chris MartindaleFirst Novel, 1990
Pelts by F. Paul WilsonLong Fiction, 1990
Prayers To Broken Stones by Dan SimmonsCollection, 1990
Reign by Chet WilliamsonNovel, 1990
Savage Season by Joe R. LansdaleNovel, 1990
The Weird Tale by S. T. JoshiNon-Fiction, 1990
Advocates by Chelsea Quinn YarbroLong Fiction, 1991
The Ash of Memory, the Dust of Desire [novelette] by Poppy Z. BriteShort Fiction, 1991
The Braille Encyclopaedia [short fiction] by Grant MorrisonShort Fiction, 1991
Death Leaves an Echo by Charles de LintLong Fiction, 1991
Fetish by Edward BryantLong Fiction, 1991
Love Doll: A Fable by Joe R. LansdaleShort Fiction, 1991
The M.D. by Thomas M. DischNovel, 1991
Magpie by Stephen GallagherLong Fiction, 1991
The Naked Flesh of Feeling by J. N. WilliamsonCollection, 1991
Needful Things by Stephen KingSuperior Achievement in a Novel, 1991
Prism of the Night: A Biography of Anne Rice by Katherine RamslandNon-Fiction, 1991
Richard's Head by Al SarrantonioShort Fiction, 1991
Sexpunks and Savage Sagas: Dark, Quirky, Exotic Stories by Richard SutphenCollection, 1991
The Shape Under The Sheet: The Complete Stephen King Encyclopedia by Stephen J. SpignesiNon-Fiction, 1991
Summer of Night by Dan SimmonsNovel, 1991
Unearthed by Ashley McConnellFirst Novel, 1991
Vampires Among Us by Rosemary Ellen GuileyNon-Fiction, 1991
Waking Nightmares by Ramsey CampbellCollection, 1991
The Waste Lands by Stephen KingSuperior Achievement in a Novel, 1991
Wilderness by Dennis DanversFirst Novel, 1991
Winter Scream by Chris CurryFirst Novel, 1991
Wolf Winter by Maxine O'CallaghanShort Fiction, 1991
Beauty by Brian D'AmatoFirst Novel, 1992
Bright Lights, Big Zombie by Douglas E. WinterShort Fiction, 1992
Children of the Night by Dan SimmonsNovel, 1992
Come One, Come All by Gahan WilsonShort Fiction, 1992
Dark Visions by Stanley WiaterNon-Fiction, 1992
Deathgrip by Brian HodgeNovel, 1992
Did They Get You to Trade? by Karl Edward WagnerShort Fiction, 1992
Fantastic Tales by Iginio Ugo TarchettiCollection, 1992
Farm Wife by Nancy KilpatrickShort Fiction, 1992
For You, the Living by Wayne Allen SalleeLong Fiction, 1992
Hideaway by Dean KoontzNovel, 1992
The Holy Terror by Wayne Allen SalleeFirst Novel, 1992
Homecoming by Matthew J. CostelloNovel, 1992
Less Than Human by Gary RaisorFirst Novel, 1992
Lost Souls by Poppy Z. BriteFirst Novel, 1992
Men, Women, and Chain Saws: Gender in the Modern Horror Film by Carol J. CloverNon-Fiction, 1992
Nothing Will Hurt You by David MorrellLong Fiction, 1992
Scare Tactics by John RussoNon-Fiction, 1992
The Shrine by David MorrellLong Fiction, 1992
Afterage by Yvonne NavarroFirst Novel, 1993
The Alchemy of the Throat by Brian HodgeNovelette, 1993
Anno Dracula by Kim NewmanNovel, 1993
Blackburn by Bradley DentonNovel, 1993
Bubba Ho-Tep by Joe R. LansdaleNovelette, 1993
Close to the Bone by Lucy TaylorCollection, 1993
Created By by Richard Christian MathesonFirst Novel, 1993
Death Fiend Guerrillas by William S. BurroughsShort Fiction, 1993
Death on the Nile by Connie WillisNovelette, 1993
The Diary of Jack the Ripper by Shirley HarrisonNon-Fiction, 1993
Distances [short story] by Sherman AlexieShort Fiction, 1993
The Dog Park [short story] by Dennis EtchisonShort Fiction, 1993
Drawing Blood by Poppy Z. BriteNovel, 1993
Flashback {short story} by Dan SimmonsNovella, 1993
A Good, Secret Place: A Collection of Stories by Richard LaymonCollection, 1993
Lovedeath by Dan SimmonsCollection, 1993
The Monster Show by David J. SkalNon-Fiction, 1993
Nightmares & Dreamscapes by Stephen KingSuperior Achievement in a Fiction Collection, 1993
Pain Grin by Wayne Allen SalleeShort Fiction, 1993
Sometimes, in the Rain by Charles L. GrantNovelette, 1993
Suckers by Anne BillsonFirst Novel, 1993
The Summoning by Bentley LittleNovel, 1993
Wet Work by Philip NutmanFirst Novel, 1993
The Alienist by Caleb CarrNovel, 1994
The Black Mariah by Jay R. BonansingaFirst Novel, 1994
Born Bad by Andrew VachssCollection, 1994
The Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabeNovel, 1994
Café Endless: Spring Rain by Nancy HolderShort Fiction, 1994
Deadweight by Robert DevereauxFirst Novel, 1994
The Flesh Artist by Lucy TaylorCollection, 1994
From the Teeth of Angels by Jonathan CarrollNovel, 1994
Insomnia by Stephen KingSuperior Achievement in a Novel, 1994
Mr. Torso by Edward LeeShort Fiction, 1994
Near Death by Nancy KilpatrickFirst Novel, 1994
Things of Which We Do Not Speak by Lucy TaylorShort Fiction, 1994
Writer of the Purple Rage by Joe R. LansdaleCollection, 1994
Death Drives a Semi by Edo Van BelkomCollection, 1999
Baby Girl Diamond by Adam-Troy CastroNovelette, 1995
Becky Lives by Harry CrewsShort Fiction, 1995
The Between by Tananarive DueFirst Novel, 1995
The Black Carousel by Charles L. GrantCollection, 1995
Bone Music by Alan RodgersNovel, 1995
The Bungalow House by Thomas LigottiShort Fiction, 1995
Cages by Edward GormanCollection, 1995
Deadrush by Yvonne NavarroNovel, 1995
The Death of the Novel by William Browning SpencerShort Fiction, 1995
Diary of a Vampire by Gary BowenFirst Novel, 1995
An Encyclopedia of Claims, Frauds, and Hoaxes of the Occult and Supernatural by James RandiNon-Fiction, 1995
Immoral Tales: European Sex & Horror Movies 1956-1984 by Cathal TohillNon-Fiction, 1995
Madeleine's Ghost by Robert GirardiFirst Novel, 1995
Psycho: Behind the Scenes of the Classic Thriller by Christopher NickensNon-Fiction, 1995
Strange Highways by Dean KoontzCollection, 1995
Widow by Billie Sue MosimanNovel, 1995
Wyrm Wolf by Edo van BelkomFirst Novel, 1995
Bram Stoker: A Biography of the Author of Dracula by Barbara BelfordNon-Fiction, 1996
The Convulsion Factory by Brian HodgeCollection, 1996
Crota by Owl GoingbackNovel, 1996
Dead Heat by Del Stone, Jr.First Novel, 1996
Exquisite Corpse by Poppy Z. BriteNovel, 1996
Flute Song by Donald R. BurlesonFirst Novel, 1996
The Great Pulp Heroes by Don HutchisonNon-Fiction, 1996
The Hellfire Club by Peter StraubNovel, 1996
Horror Show by Greg KihnFirst Novel, 1996
The House of Mourning {short story} by Brian StablefordShort Fiction, 1996
The Illustrated Werewolf Movie Guide by Stephen JonesNon-Fiction, 1996
Kilroy Was Here by Jack CadyNovelette, 1996
The Pavilion of Frozen Women by S. P. SomtowCollection, 1996
Plan 10 from Inner Space by Karl Edward WagnerShort Fiction, 1996
The Secret Shih-Tan (short story) by Graham MastertonShort Fiction, 1996
Shadow Dreams by Elizabeth MassieCollection, 1996
The Slobbering Tongue That Ate the Frightfully Huge Woman by Robert DevereauxShort Fiction, 1996
V is for Vampire by David J. SkalNon-Fiction, 1996
With Wounds Still Wet by Wayne Allen SalleeCollection, 1996
I Am Infinite, I Contain Multitudes by Douglas CleggShort Fiction, 1997
The Art of Arrow Cutting by Stephen DedmanFirst Novel, 1997
The Church of Dead Girls by Stephen DobynsNovel, 1997
Clive Barker's A-Z of Horror by Clive BarkerNon-Fiction, 1997
Coppola's Dracula by Kim NewmanNovelette, 1997
Dean Koontz: A Writer's Biography by Katherine RamslandNon-Fiction, 1997
Drawn to the Grave by Mary Ann MitchellFirst Novel, 1997
Earthquake Weather by Tim PowersNovel, 1997
The Encyclopedia of Fantasy by John CluteNon-Fiction, 1997
The Hammer Story by Marcus HearnNon-Fiction, 1997
Hungry Eyes by Barry HoffmanFirst Novel, 1997
The Inquisitor by Mary MurreyFirst Novel, 1997
Madame Babylon by Brian HodgeShort Fiction, 1997
My Soul to Keep by Tananarive DueNovel, 1997
A Plague on Both Your Houses by Scott EdelmanShort Fiction, 1997
Things Left Behind by Gary BraunbeckCollection, 1997
The Throne of Bones by Brian McNaughtonCollection, 1997
The Video Watchdog Book by Tim LucasNon-Fiction, 1997
The Word by Ramsey CampbellNovelette, 1997
The Zombies of Madison County by Douglas E. WinterNovelette, 1997
The Angel Chronicles Volume 1 by Nancy HolderWork For Younger Readers, 1998
As Above, So Below by Brian HodgeLong Fiction, 1998
Autopsy Room Four by Stephen KingSuperior Achievement in Short Fiction, 1998
The Best of Cemetery Dance, Volume 1 by Richard ChizmarAnthology, 1998
Blues-Born [short story] by Tina L. JensShort Fiction, 1998
The Cleft and Other Odd Tales by Gahan WilsonCollection, 1998
Darker Angels by S. P. SomtowNovel, 1998
The Dollhouse That Time Forgot by Michael Thomas FordWork For Younger Readers, 1998
The Dreaming Special: Trial and Error by Len WeinGraphic Novel, 1998
Fear Nothing by Dean KoontzNovel, 1998
Fog Heart by Thomas TessierNovel, 1998
Gothic Horror: A Reader's Guide from Poe to King and Beyond by Clive BloomNon-Fiction, 1998
Hungry Ghosts by Ellen SteiberWork For Younger Readers, 1998
John Constantine, Hellblazer: Son Of Man by Garth EnnisGraphic Novel, 1998
Leavings by P. D. CacekCollection, 1998
Leavings [short story] by P. D. CacekLong Fiction, 1998
Night Prayers by P. D. CacekFirst Novel, 1998
Preacher Vol. 1: Gone to Texas by Garth EnnisGraphic Novel, 1998
Robert Bloch's Psychos by Robert BlochAnthology, 1998
The Rug by Edo Van BelkomShort Fiction, 1998
The Science of the X-Files by Jeanne CavelosNon-Fiction, 1998
Silk by Caitlín R. KiernanFirst Novel, 1998
Smoke and Mirrors: Short Fictions and Illusions by Neil GaimanCollection, 1998
This Symbiotic Fascination by Charlee JacobFirst Novel, 1998
What Would You Do For Love? by John ShirleyLong Fiction, 1998
Writer's Tale by Richard LaymonNon-Fiction, 1998
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Eleventh Annual Collection by Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1998
Darker than Night by Owl GoingbackNovel, 1999
Hannibal by Thomas HarrisNovel, 1999
Hexes by Tom PiccirilliNovel, 1999
Low Men in Yellow Coats by Stephen KingNovel, 1999
Every Dead Thing by John ConnollyFirst Novel, 1999
King Rat by China MiévilleFirst Novel, 1999
Widow's Walk by Steve BeaiFirst Novel, 1999
Right to Life: And 2 Stories by Jack KetchumLong Fiction, 1999
The Entertainment by Ramsey CampbellShort Fiction, 1999
The Grave by P. D. CacekShort Fiction, 1999
Halloween Street by Steve Rasnic TemShort Fiction, 1999
Deep into that Darkness Peering by Tom PiccirilliCollection, 1999
Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen KingCollection, 1999
The Last Continent: New Tales of Zothique by John PelanAnthology, 1999
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 10 by Stephen JonesAnthology, 1999
The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror: Twelfth Annual Collection by Ellen DatlowAnthology, 1999
The Essential Monster Movie Guide by Stephen Graham JonesNon-Fiction, 1999
Vincent Price: A Daughter's Biography by Victoria PriceNon-Fiction, 1999
Jonah Hex: Shadows West #1 by Joe R. LansdaleIllustrated Narrative, 1999
Creepy Susie: And 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children by Angus OblongWork for Young Readers, 1999
Something Lumber This Way Comes by Joe R. LansdaleWork For Younger Readers, 1999
The Deceased by Tom PiccirilliNovel, 2000
The Indifference of Heaven by Gary A. BraunbeckNovel, 2000
The Licking Valley Coon Hunters Club by Brian A. HopkinsNovel, 2000
Silent Children by Ramsey CampbellNovel, 2000
House of Leaves by Mark Z. DanielewskiFirst Novel, 2000
Nailed by the Heart by Simon ClarkFirst Novel, 2000
Run by Douglas E. WinterFirst Novel, 2000
God Screamed and Screamed, Then I Ate Him by Lawrence SantoroLong Fiction, 2000
In Shock by Joyce Carol OatesLong Fiction, 2000
Riding the Bullet by Stephen KingLong Fiction, 2000
Dead Cat Bounce by Gerard HouarnerShort Fiction, 2000
Fallen Angel by Robert J. SawyerShort Fiction, 2000
Mexican Moon by Karen E. TaylorShort Fiction, 2000
City Fishing by Steve Rasnic TemCollection, 2000
Up, Out of Cities That Blow Hot and Cold by Charlee JacobCollection, 2000
Wind Over Heaven by Bruce Holland RogersCollection, 2000
Bad News (Anthology) by Richard LaymonAnthology, 2000
Brainbox: The Real Horror by Steve EllerAnthology, 2000
Extremes: Fantasy & Horror from the Ends of the Earth by Brian A. HopkinsAnthology, 2000
At the Foot of the Story Tree by Bill SheehanNon-Fiction, 2000
Horror of the 20th Century by Robert E. WeinbergNon-Fiction, 2000
Be Afraid!: Tales of Horror by Edo van BelkomWork For Younger Readers, 2000
The Christmas Thingy by F. Paul WilsonWork For Younger Readers, 2000
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. RowlingWork For Younger Readers, 2000
The Complete Accursed Wives by Bruce BostonPoetry Collection, 2000
Paratabloids by Mike ArnzenPoetry Collection, 2000
Deadly Nightshade by Jacie Ragan2001
Black House by Stephen KingNovel, 2001
From the Dust Returned by Ray BradburyNovel, 2001
The Lost by Jack KetchumNovel, 2001
Phantom Feast by Diana BarronFirst Novel, 2001
Riverwatch by Joseph NassiseFirst Novel, 2001
Skating on the Edge by D. G. K. GoldbergFirst Novel, 2001
Demolition [short story] by Nancy EtchemendyLong Fiction, 2001
From A to Z, in the Sarsaparilla Alphabet by Harlan EllisonLong Fiction, 2001
Northern Gothic by Nick MamatasLong Fiction, 2001
I Am Your Need by Mort CastleShort Fiction, 2001
The Haunt by Jack KetchumShort Fiction, 2001
Whose Puppets, Best and Worst, Are We? by David B. SilvaShort Fiction, 2001
As the Sun Goes Down by Tim LebbonCollection, 2001
The Dark Fantastic by Edward GormanCollection, 2001
The Whisperer and Other Voices by Brian LumleyCollection, 2001
The Best of Horrorfind by Brian KeeneAnthology, 2001
Trick or Treat: A Collection of Halloween Novellas (Anthology) by Richard ChizmarAnthology, 2001
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourteenth Annual Collection by Terri WindlingAnthology, 2001
If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a B Movie Actor by Bruce CampbellNon-Fiction, 2001
Personal Demons by Garrett PeckNon-Fiction, 2001
Desperadoes: Quiet of the Grave by Jeff MariotteIllustrated Narrative, 2001
Prowlers by Christopher GoldenWork For Younger Readers, 2001
What the Cacodaemon Whispered by Chad HensleyPoetry Collection, 2001
White Space by Bruce BostonPoetry Collection, 2001
Unseen Masters by Bruce BallonAlternative Forms, 2001
From a Buick 8 by Stephen KingNovel, 2002
The Hour Before Dark by Douglas CleggNovel, 2002
The Lovely Bones by Alice SeboldNovel, 2002
Lullaby by Chuck PalahniukNovel, 2002
Atmosphere by Michael LaimoFirst Novel, 2002
The Blues Ain't Nothin': Tales of the Lonesome Blues Pub by Tina L. JensFirst Novel, 2002
The Red Church by Scott NicholsonFirst Novel, 2002
Cape Wrath by Paul FinchLong Fiction, 2002
Coraline by Neil GaimanLong Fiction, 2002
The Origin by David B. SilvaLong Fiction, 2002
Details [short story] by China MiévilleShort Fiction, 2002
Disappearances by Mort CastleShort Fiction, 2002
The Green Man by Christopher FowlerShort Fiction, 2002
The Plague Species by Charlee JacobShort Fiction, 2002
The Collection by Bentley LittleCollection, 2002
Everything's Eventual: 14 Dark Tales by Stephen KingCollection, 2002
Knuckles and Tales by Nancy A. CollinsCollection, 2002
Nations of the Living, Nations of the Dead by Mort CastleCollection, 2002
Children of Cthulhu by John PelanAnthology, 2002
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 13 by Stephen JonesAnthology, 2002
Shivers by Richard ChizmarAnthology, 2002
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection by Ellen DatlowAnthology, 2002
Supernatural Fiction Writers: Contemporary Fantasy and Horror by Richard BleilerNon-Fiction, 2002
Abarat by Clive BarkerWork For Younger Readers, 2002
Abu and the 7 Marvels by Richard MathesonWork For Younger Readers, 2002
Cat in Glass and Other Tales of the Unnatural by Nancy EtchemendyWork For Younger Readers, 2002
Guises by Charlee JacobPoetry Collection, 2002
This Cape Is Red Because I've Been Bleeding by Tom PiccirilliPoetry Collection, 2002
A Choir of Ill Children by Tom PiccirilliNovel, 2003
The Night Country by Stewart O'NanNovel, 2003
Serenity Falls by James A. MooreNovel, 2003
Wolves of the Calla by Stephen KingNovel, 2003
Monstrocity by Jeffrey ThomasFirst Novel, 2003
Veniss Underground {expanded edition} by Jeff VanderMeerFirst Novel, 2003
Wolf's Trap by W. D. GaglianiFirst Novel, 2003
Fuckin' Lie Down Already by Tom PiccirilliLong Fiction, 2003
Louisiana Breakdown by Lucius ShepardLong Fiction, 2003
The Necromancer by Douglas CleggLong Fiction, 2003
Roll Them Bones by David Niall WilsonLong Fiction, 2003
Harvey's Dream {short story} by Stephen KingShort Fiction, 2003
The Haunting by Joyce Carol OatesShort Fiction, 2003
The Last Supper by Scott EdelmanShort Fiction, 2003
The Red Bow by George SaundersShort Fiction, 2003
Bibliomancy by Elizabeth HandCollection, 2003
Fangs and Angel Wings by Karen E. TaylorCollection, 2003
Graveyard People: The Collected Cedar Hill Stories, Volume 1 by Gary A. BraunbeckCollection, 2003
Told by the Dead by Ramsey CampbellCollection, 2003
The Dark by Ellen DatlowAnthology, 2003
Gathering the Bones by Jack DannAnthology, 2003
Southern Blood: New Australian Tales of the Supernatural by Bill CongreveAnthology, 2003
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Sixteenth Annual Collection by Ellen DatlowAnthology, 2003
Alan Moore: Portrait of an Extraordinary Gentleman by Alan MooreNon-Fiction, 2003
Fear in a Handful of Dust by Gary A. BraunbeckNon-Fiction, 2003
Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce by Tom PomplunIllustrated Narrative, 2003
Kolchak Night Stalker: Devil In The Details by Stefan PetruchaIllustrated Narrative, 2003
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Volume 2 by Alan MooreIllustrated Narrative, 2003
Even Odder: More Stories to Chill the Heart (Stories to Chill the Heart series) by Steve BurtWork For Younger Readers, 2003
The Oracle Betrayed: Book One of The Oracle Prophecies by Catherine FisherWork For Younger Readers, 2003
A Stir of Bones by Nina Kiriki HoffmanWork For Younger Readers, 2003
The Wolves in the Walls by Neil GaimanWork For Younger Readers, 2003
Final Girl by Daphne GottliebPoetry Collection, 2003
Gorelets by Michael A. ArnzenPoetry Collection, 2003
Professor LaGungo's Exotic Artifacts & Assorted Mystic Collectibles by Mark McLaughlinPoetry Collection, 2003
The Dark Tower by Stephen KingNovel, 2004
Deep In The Darkness by Michael LaimoNovel, 2004
The Wind Caller by P. D. CacekNovel, 2004
Black Fire by Brian James FreemanFirst Novel, 2004
Move Under Ground by Nick MamatasFirst Novel, 2004
Dead Man's Hand by Tim LebbonLong Fiction, 2004
Lisey and the Madman by Stephen KingLong Fiction, 2004
Northwest Passage [short story] by Barbara RodenLong Fiction, 2004
Zora and the Zombie by Andy DuncanLong Fiction, 2004
Guts by Chuck PalahniukShort Fiction, 2004
Hunting Meth Zombies in the Great Nebraskan Wasteland by John FarrisShort Fiction, 2004
Just Out of Reach by Gary BraunbeckShort Fiction, 2004
A Madness of Starlings by Douglas CleggShort Fiction, 2004
Singing My Sister Down [short story] by Margo LanaganShort Fiction, 2004
100 Jolts: Shockingly Short Stories by Michael A. ArnzenCollection, 2004
Demonized by Christopher FowlerCollection, 2004
Fears Unnamed by Tim LebbonCollection, 2004
The Machinery of Night by Douglas CleggCollection, 2004
Acquainted with the Night by Barbara RodenAnthology, 2004
The Many Faces of Van Helsing by Jeanne CavelosAnthology, 2004
Shivers III by Richard ChizmarAnthology, 2004
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Writing a Novel by Thomas MonteleoneNon-Fiction, 2004
Hanging Out with the Dream King by Joe McCabeNon-Fiction, 2004
The Road to the Dark Tower: Exploring Stephen King's Magnum Opus by Bev VincentNon-Fiction, 2004
Aleister Arcane by Steve NilesIllustrated Narrative, 2004
Graphic Classics: Robert Louis Stevenson by Tom PomplunIllustrated Narrative, 2004
Fall (Witch Season) by Jeff MariotteWork For Younger Readers, 2004
Robot Santa by Dean KoontzWork For Younger Readers, 2004
The Desert by Charlee JacobPoetry Collection, 2004
Waiting my Turn to go Under the Knife by Tom PiccirilliPoetry Collection, 2004
Keepers by Gary A. BraunbeckNovel, 2005
November Mourns by Tom PiccirilliNovel, 2005
The Hides by Kealan Patrick BurkeFirst Novel, 2005
Siren Promised by Jeremy Robert JohnsonFirst Novel, 2005
In the Midnight Museum by Gary A. BraunbeckLong Fiction, 2005
Some Zombie Contingency Plans by Kelly LinkLong Fiction, 2005
The Things They Left Behind {story} by Stephen KingLong Fiction, 2005
As Others See Us by Mort CastleShort Fiction, 2005
Haeckel's Tale by Clive BarkerShort Fiction, 2005
Invisible by Steve Rasnic TemShort Fiction, 2005
Times of Atonement by Yvonne NavarroShort Fiction, 2005
Haunted by Chuck PalahniukCollection, 2005
Looking for Jake and Other Stories by China MiévilleCollection, 2005
Magic for Beginners by Kelly LinkCollection, 2005
Corpse Blossoms by Julia SevinAnthology, 2005
Outsiders: 22 All-New Stories From the Edge by Nancy HolderAnthology, 2005
Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth by Stephen JonesAnthology, 2005
The Bradbury Chronicles: The Life of Ray Bradbury by Sam WellerNon-Fiction, 2005
Morbid Curiosity; Issue 9 by Loren RhodesNon-Fiction, 2005
More giants of the genre by Michael McCartyNon-Fiction, 2005
Why Buffy Matters: The Art of Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Rhonda V. WilcoxNon-Fiction, 2005
Ghost Road Blues by Jonathan MaberryNovel, 2006
Headstone City by Tom PiccirilliNovel, 2006
Pressure by Jeff StrandNovel, 2006
Prodigal Blues by Gary A. BraunbeckNovel, 2006
Bloodstone by Nate KenyonFirst Novel, 2006
The Harrowing by Alexandra SokoloffFirst Novel, 2006
The Keeper by Sarah LanganFirst Novel, 2006
Bloodstained Oz by Christopher GoldenLong Fiction, 2006
Clubland Heroes by Kim NewmanLong Fiction, 2006
Hallucigenia (novella) by Laird BarronLong Fiction, 2006
Mama's Boy by Fran FrielLong Fiction, 2006
31/10 by Stephen VolkShort Fiction, 2006
Balance by Gene O'NeillShort Fiction, 2006
Feeding the Dead Inside by Yvonne NavarroShort Fiction, 2006
FYI by Mort CastleShort Fiction, 2006
American Morons: Stories by Glen HirshbergCollection, 2006
Basic Black: Tales of Appropriate Fear by Terry DowlingCollection, 2006
The Commandments by Angeline HawkesCollection, 2006
The Empire of Ice Cream: Stories by Jeffrey FordCollection, 2006
Aegri Somnia by Jason SizemoreAnthology, 2006
Alone on the Darkside: Echoes From Shadows of Horror by John PelanAnthology, 2006
Cinema Macabre by Mark MorrisNon-Fiction, 2006
Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished by Rocky WoodNon-Fiction, 2006
Songs of a Sorceress by Bobbi Sinha-MoreyPoetry Collection, 2006
The Troublesome Amputee by John Edward LawsonPoetry Collection, 2006
The Guardener's Tale by Bruce BostonNovel, 2007
Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hillnot in English Common KnowledgeNovel, 2007
The Terror by Dan SimmonsNovel, 2007
The Witch's Trinity by Erika MailmanNovel, 2007
The Hollower by Mary SanGiovanniFirst Novel, 2007
The Memory Tree by John R. LittleFirst Novel, 2007
I Will Rise by Michael Louis CalvilloFirst Novel, 2007
Almost the Last Story by Almost the Last Man by Scott EdelmanLong Fiction, 2007
An Apiary of White Bees by Lee ThomasLong Fiction, 2007
General Slocum's Gold by Nicholas KaufmannLong Fiction, 2007
The Tenth Muse by William Browning SpencerLong Fiction, 2007
Closet Dreams by Lisa TuttleShort Fiction, 2007
The Death Wagon Rolls on By by C. Dean AnderssonShort Fiction, 2007
Letting Go by John EversonShort Fiction, 2007
The Teacher by Paul G. TremblayShort Fiction, 2007
There's No Light Between Floors by Paul TremblayShort Fiction, 2007
Defining Moments by David Niall WilsonCollection, 2007
The Imago Sequence and Other Stories by Laird BarronCollection, 2007
Old Devil Moon by Christopher FowlerCollection, 2007
At Ease with the Dead by Barbara RodenAnthology, 2007
Dark Delicacies II: Fear by Del HowisonAnthology, 2007
Inferno by Ellen DatlowAnthology, 2007
Midnight Premiere by Tom PiccirilliAnthology, 2007
Encyclopedia Horrifica: The Terrifying Truth About Vampires, Ghosts, Monsters, and More by Joshua GeeNon-Fiction, 2007
The Portable Obituary: How the Famous, Rich & Powerful Really Died by Michael LargoNon-Fiction, 2007
Heresy by Charlee JacobPoetry Collection, 2007
Ossuary by JoSelle VanderhooftPoetry Collection, 2007
Phantasmapedia by Mark McLaughlinPoetry Collection, 2007
Coffin County by Gary A. BraunbeckNovel, 2008
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Professor Charlatan Bardot's Travel Anthology to the Most (Fictional) Haunted Buildings in the Weird, Wild World by Eric J. Guignard Anthology, 2021
There Is No Death, There Are No Dead: Tales of Spiritualism Horror by Kathe Koja Anthology, 2021
Under Twin Suns: Alternate Histories of the Yellow Sign by John Langan Anthology, 2021
Eaters of the Dead: Myths and Realities of Cannibal Monsters by Kevin J. Wetmore Jr. Non-Fiction, 2021
Giving the Devil His Due: Satan and Cinema by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock Non-Fiction, 2021
The Conjuring (Devils Advocates) by Kevin J. Wetmore Short Non-Fiction, 2021
Abbott: 1973 by Saladin Ahmed Graphic Novel, 2021
Proctor Valley Road by Grant Morrison Graphic Novel, 2021
An Unkindness of Ravens by Dan Panosian Graphic Novel, 2021
Strange Nests by Jessica McHugh Poetry Collection, 2021

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